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Enjoy the Advantages of Fibrex Replacement Windows in New Orleans

Advanced Fibrex® material is a revolutionary window frame material exclusive to Renewal by Andersen®. By harnessing the power of Fibrex, Renewal by Andersen creates durable, energy efficient windows that blend the beauty of wood, strength of steel, and easy maintenance of vinyl.

What’s so great about Fibrex? Unlike the production processes of wood or vinyl (which leave a lot of excess material that ends up in landfills), our Fibrex material frames and sashes contain 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. A lot of the wood fiber used to make Fibrex material is reclaimed from Andersen Corporation’s wood window manufacturing facilities. Thus, we are able to eliminate most of the waste that comes from the manufacturing process, resulting in more sustainable replacement windows for New Orleans homes.

Fibrex is comprised of wood grain and thermoplastic polymer. This extremely efficient material blocks thermal transfer 700 times better than aluminum! Because of this, you don’t have to use quite as much energy to power your heating and cooling systems, which means your home stays at a consistent, comfortable temperature – and you can spend less on energy costs. 

Unlike wood, vinyl, or aluminum, Fibrex features a beautiful aesthetic that won’t be affected by mold, mildew, rot, chipping, warping, or corrosion*. With little to no maintenance needed, your Fibrex windows will look new for many years to come.

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*See limited warranty for details.


"They were great. The windows are beautiful. Everything was setup by appointments and each person that came did a phenomenal job. The window replacing took 2 hours max."

Shane Davis
Feb 15, 2024

"Brandon Freeman from renewal by Anderson came today to do the measuring for our new window. He did a great job of explaining the process and all of the features. His knowledge and professionalism made us feel assured that we had made the right choice. It's refreshing and a pleasure to do business with someone with such a positive attitude and is proud of the company he represents!"

patrick michon
Feb 7, 2024

"I have to say they are very concerned to please you in every way possible.Robby turner and Brendan freeman address all your needs.They came out and presented me with many different opinions.I have to say renewal by andersen have really great products.The old vinyl windows were falling apart,so i decided to spend the extra money and go quality with renewal by andersen.I would like to purchase my entry door setup from them with the quality of there product,so they will stay in touch with me.I really appreciate there service and product.RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN,is definitely the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mitchell Fontenot
Feb 3, 2024

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