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Be Comfortable All Year Long with Low-E Glass Replacement Windows in Kenner LA

Poorly insulated glass windows are a major contributor of energy loss in a typical home. In the winter, the heated air inside the house radiates through the glass to the outdoors, resulting in the repeated cycling of your heating system. This not only wastes energy, it puts unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. Then, during the summer, the air-conditioned air on which you spent so much money to cool escapes through those sub-par windows, while warm air from outside creeps in. As you can see, this is an expensive exercise in futility!

Which is why you need Renewal by Andersen® High Performance™ Low-E4 glass as part of your energy efficient new replacement windows in New Orleans LA. Thanks to High Performance™ Low-E4, your windows form a barrier against thermal conductivity and energy loss in any season. 

Did you know? Renewal by Andersen’s High Performance™ Low-E4 glass is 45% more energy efficient in summer and 56% more energy efficient in winter as compared to ordinary dual panel glass?* And our High Performance™ Low-E4 SmartSun™ glass is 70% more energy efficient in summer and 45% more energy efficient in winter as compared to ordinary dual panel glass!*

What is Low-E Glass in Replacement Windows for Southern Louisiana Homes?

Low-E glass is a way of controlling the heat that is allowed to infiltrate and escape your home. It’s a specially coated glass, allowing light to pass through while controlling the “emissivity” of heat energy at the same time. Emissivity measures how well a material radiates absorbed energy. The higher the emissivity value, the less energy efficient the material, and vice versa.

The High Performance™ Low-E4 glass in our Renewal by Andersen windows blocks heat-generating UV light and reflects that heat back to its source. This means you need less heating or air conditioning to keep your home at a consistent, comfortable temperature all year round. High Performance™ Low-E4 makes our windows some of the most energy efficient replacement windows in Jefferson LA and surrounding areas.

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"I am so pleased with my new windows. They look stunning. The installers were professional and courteous. Good job!!"

Laura Newton Jones
Oct 11, 2022

"Words can’t explain on such a great job that was done. I would refer they 2 installers for any job, very professional!!!"

Kelvin Warren
Nov 10, 2022

"Start to finish renewal by Andersen did an amazing job. From the sales guy to the final call I got from the project manager. Don’t forget the cookies I got in the mail when the job was done. The windows look awesome and perform great. Thank you!"

Ruben Alvarez
Nov 3, 2022

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