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Double-Hung Window Installation Project

The Easiest Window Replacement Process in The Big Easy

Quick and easy: this accurately describes The Renewal by Andersen® window replacement process. Renewal by Andersen® of Southern Louisiana® is your source for the best replacement windows in New Orleans LA, backed by a team of design and installation experts who have been factory trained in this exacting process. Our professional window installers in Jefferson LA have many years of experience implementing this process for homes and businesses throughout Southern Louisiana.

Pre-Installation Custom Measurements for Replacement Windows in New Orleans

First, our factory trained professionals will visit with you and take notes and measurements to ensure a precise fit. Then, we will outline the many steps the process will take for completion. 

Step 1: The Renewal by Andersen Team Arrives

Once our installation crew has been supplied with the proper measurements, we will arrive at your home ready to complete the job safely and efficiently. 

Step 2: We Protect Your Home

We know you have some concerns with window replacement in Metairie LA. To put your mind at ease, we will carefully remove furniture and valuables away from your windows and doors so no damage occurs. Plus, we use protective footwear to ensure the utmost cleanliness for your floors. 

Step 3: We Will Remove Existing Windows

The process now begins of removing your existing windows, doing our best to avoid dust and debris buildup throughout the home.

Step 4: We Install the New Windows

Armed with our pre-installation measurements, we will begin the process of installing your new windows in Kenner LA. Sometimes, the open area becomes warped, which is quite common. No worries: we will simply realign and readjust the levels so the new replacement windows will fit properly. After that, we test your replacement windows and their frames to ensure they open and close easily.

Step 5: We Perform Weatherproofing

Our window installers in Jefferson LA fill any gaps between the new windows and the house frame with special insulation foam. This will eliminate any drafts, resulting in windows that are airtight, weatherproof, and energy efficient.

Step 6: We’ll Put on the Finishing Touches

The foam used to insulate your windows doesn’t look so great. That’s why we cover that foam with a decorative trim to enhance the interior.

Step 7: We Clean Everything Up

All new windows have a protective film on them. We will remove that film, clean up the entire work area, shine up the glass, and replace your furniture. Now you can enjoy your new windows!

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Whether you need sliding patio doors in New Orleans LA or new windows in Kenner LA, Renewal by Andersen® of Southern Louisiana® can make it happen. Give us a call today at (225) 460-3248 to start on your journey to a brighter, more valuable home.


"They were great. The windows are beautiful. Everything was setup by appointments and each person that came did a phenomenal job. The window replacing took 2 hours max."

Shane Davis
Feb 15, 2024

"Brandon Freeman from renewal by Anderson came today to do the measuring for our new window. He did a great job of explaining the process and all of the features. His knowledge and professionalism made us feel assured that we had made the right choice. It's refreshing and a pleasure to do business with someone with such a positive attitude and is proud of the company he represents!"

patrick michon
Feb 7, 2024

"I have to say they are very concerned to please you in every way possible.Robby turner and Brendan freeman address all your needs.They came out and presented me with many different opinions.I have to say renewal by andersen have really great products.The old vinyl windows were falling apart,so i decided to spend the extra money and go quality with renewal by andersen.I would like to purchase my entry door setup from them with the quality of there product,so they will stay in touch with me.I really appreciate there service and product.RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN,is definitely the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mitchell Fontenot
Feb 3, 2024

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